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At Pure Aussie Land, we work daily to save Aussies in need. It can be tough work, but incredibly rewarding to see this beautiful and intelligent breed flourish when given a second chance.

We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation. As a nonprofit, raising funds for rescue, fostering, training, boarding, and health care is vital. Please consider showing your support today.

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Australian Shepherd Rescue Information:

The Australian Shepherd, or Aussie, is a playful breed that provides excellent companionship to active children. Aussies are smart, trainable, protective, and eager to please. Australian Shepherds are gentle with humans and aggressive when herding farm animals. Aussies are active even when indoors and do best with plenty of exercise in a large yard.

Available Aussies

Ready when you are! Our Aussies come in a variety of ages, temperaments, and colors! Visit our Available Puppies Page to see all our Aussies currently available for adoption.

Australian Shepherd Trivia:

Australian Shepherds are not Australian; they were developed in the United States for herding livestock on American ranches. Australian Shepherds are descended from Spanish dogs that were used for herding Merino sheep. Aussies can be trained to perform tricks. Aussies are often used by police for narcotics detection. Some Australian Shepherds are prized for their beautiful merle coloring, but the gene that causes this coloring also results in deafness or blindness.

Foster Program:

Big-hearted fosters wanted! Do you have extra love to give to an Aussie in need? You’ve come to the right place! Learn more about our foster program and how you can make a difference.

Our Mission

98% of the dogs that you see on our website were rescued by Pure Aussie Land and are either adopted into forever homes or in our foster care program.


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